Remove Pubic Hair

Remove, Shave or Trim Pubic Hair?

Anyone considering a chemical depilatory to remove pubic hair hasn’t thought this through or is attempting a daredevil stunt. Placing harsh substances on the tenderest of skin is true self abuse. The same goes for waxing.

Shaving your pubes, as in lathering them up and scraping them with a manual bladed razor, is certainly possible but rarely recommended. Yes, assuming that you don’t cut your balls off, you will achieve the kind of shaving “closeness” found in television commercials where the guy runs his hand over his chin with a satisfied smile. Then, five minutes later, you will be scratching yourself like a crazed chimpanzee, cursing your brain’s inability to predict this situation. 

Trimming pubic hair with the right type of electric razor is safe, effective, inexpensive, sustainable, and easy. Those are the kinds of words you’re looking for in any reputable pubic hair care method. As Homer would say, electric hair removal is groin grabbingly good!

Which Electric Shavers Work Best?

Any device used for pubic forest management should be dedicated to that one task. So it makes sense to keep expenses low when purchasing such grooming tools. Spending $100 or more for electric razor is not necessary for the periodic needs of scrotal maintenance.

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