Ready to Shave Your Penis and Balls?

Ready to Shave Your Penis & Balls?

You can improve, or at least change, the appearance of your pubic region by removing or shortening the hair that grows down there.

The amount of pubic hair you grow, and the length that it reaches, is a function of evolution and genetics. But like any other aspect of your personal appearance, pubic hair can be modified. It can be trimmed, shaved or removed entirely, depending on your needs and desires.

Women have battled the bush for years but only recently have men begun grooming their genital landscapes.

Why Men Remove Their Pubic Hair

* Change the overall look of the pubic region

* Reduce the sweaty smells that emanate from pubic hair

* Mirror the hair removal trends of many women

* Oral sex, where hair adds little erotic value

* Attempts to make the penis appear longer by removing camofluage 

* The morphing of twink gay male practices into metrosexual traits that many men of all persuasions find desirable

* Reduce the friction coefficient during intercourse 

* Emulate porn actors 

* Allow unimpeded access for the application of powders and lotions

* Advance preparation for emergency surgery

If you find one or more of these reasons convincing, then you are just a few steps away from achieving a new level of personal care. And, today, proper pubic hair care could not be simpler.

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