The Right Tools

Pubic Preparations

The first time you shave your pubic hair, be prepared to spend enough time on the project. This isn’t like quickie electric face shaving. Set aside at least a full hour so that you can work carefully and unhurried.

Another think-ahead aspect concerns capturing and disposing of hair clippings. A bathtub or shower stall makes a great work area, as long as you remove most hairs before trying to wash the remainder down the drain. Use hand cloths and paper towels to catch the bulk of the clippings for disposal. A small vacuum will capture the runners before they embarrass you.

Prepping the area before you do any cutting also is a good idea. Hot water and a cream rinse soften the hairs and make them easier to cut. Then dust the area lightly with baby powder. Who knows? Maybe all this extra care will make you want to enjoy the new sensations and rethink the cutting.

Tools to Trim & Shave Pubic Hair

The first step to pubic deforestation is to reduce the old growth to a manageable size and quantity.

Cut those hairs down to size with the Remington adjustable trimmer. Although sold as a beard trimmer, the device works well on any area of your body, including underarms, chest, legs or butt.

The trimmer makes the hairs shorter, but does not cut them off at skin level. So create your own Don Johnson stubble before using any other appliances. Again, deciding to stop here is your choice entirely.

Step two, should you decide to accept it, involves using an electric razor to chop the hair off as completely as possible. The hair will begin to grow back quickly but you’ll take care of that tomorrow, without causing any razor burn or unnecessary irritation.

The cheapest and most efficient route for skin-level shaving is the Remington travel shaver, which needs only two AA batteries for hours of operation. This is a low-cost device that does 99% of the job of an expensive electric razor. You won’t feel guilty using it on only one bodily region.

Don’t try to skip the trimming stage by going directly to the razor. Long hairs will catch and pull, causing you to lose the incentive to continue. After trimming, buzz the travel shaver around your shaft, scrotum and groin until you’ve achieved the closeness you desire.

The Cleancut ES412:
A Little More Money, A Lot Cooler Device

Formerly made and sold by Seiko, the lightweight still-Japanese-made Cleancut looks like a stainless steel microphone and takes one C battery. There is no cooler high tech device for shaving your pubes without pulling hairs, and it is remarkably affordable

Three stainless steel blades rotate quickly against an outer foil that captures each hair and stands it up for cutting. The shave head unscrews to make cleaning easy with the included brush. It’s all very sanitary and modern. Replacement blades and foils are available. 

Want to see how the Cleancut works before you begin work on the tender regions? Give it a test run on your underarms (after trimming first). Testing also will teach a bit of technique, such as the proper angle for applying the shave head, the best rate to move the device around, and how to pull the skin tighter for a closer shave. A conveniently located power switch turns the device on and off; there are no speed variations. 

The device’s instructions recommend that you trim hairs longer than 0.5 cm before you shave them with the Cleancut. That’s about three-sixteenths of an inch. You will have taken care of that by using the trimmer first.

Once you’ve cleared the decks with the Cleancut, your best move is to make pubic shaving a part of your daily routine. Letting the hair grow to any length will be uncomfortable and may make the next session more difficult.

Follow these suggestions and you will be an unchallenged expert on the art of pubic hair shaving. Soon you’ll be making that satisfied “just shaved” face for one more good reason.

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